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Elegant Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Women - Reduce Eyestrain Perfect for Computer Reading and TV Viewing Stylish Square Frame with Anti-Glare Lenses (+3.75 Magnification)

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Functionality: Our product is designed to reflect and filter blue light, preventing color distortion. It features a 7-layer anti-reflective coating for enhanced protection against blue light. By reducing eyestrain, it helps you sleep better. The high light transmittance ensures no noticeable yellow tint, preventing color distortion and minimizing glare from digital screens.

Material: Our product weighs only 11g, making it ultra lightweight. The frame is made of TR90, ensuring no pressure on the ears even during long hours of wearing. The lenses are made of high-quality resin. The square-shaped frames offer a stylish and modern look.

magnification-strength 0.25 x, 0.75 x, 1.25 x, 1.5 x, 1.75 x, 2.0 x, 2.25 x, 2.5 x, 3.0 x, 3.25 x, 3.5 x, 4.0 x, 4.5 x, 4.75 x, 5.0 x, 5.5 x, 5.75 x, 6.0 x


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