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Fiskr Anti-Saltwater Lenses Replacement for Oakley Radar Path Vented 3 Pair Pack

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Introducing our latest oakley sunglasses polarized with unique features!

The lenses of these sunglasses are engineered with upgraded front and back hardness coating, ensuring enhanced durability and providing a comfortable viewing experience in different environments. Each lens comes in a different color, offering a unique view tint that is gentle on the eyes and maintains the original natural colors without any loss.

But that's not all! Our lenses are also equipped with anti4s technology, making them highly resistant to sea corrosion, oil stains, adhesive dust, and even minor scratches. Say goodbye to worrying about damage and enjoy the longevity of these lenses. Additionally, they are incredibly easy to clean.

With a stylish resin frame and a lens width of 5 centimeters, these sunglasses are both fashionable and functional. Don't miss out on this composite lens technology that combines the best qualities of anti-saltwater, anti-oil, anti-dust, and anti-scratch properties.

Upgrade your eyewear collection with our imported polarized sunglasses today!


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