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Smoky Style with Goodr OG Sunglasses - Ron's Smoke and Mirrors

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Introducing our amazing running sunglasses! We are proud to say that all of our shades are polarized, which means that they feature glare-reducing lenses that offer UV400 protection to block 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. You deserve the best, and that's why we've made sure to use the highest quality polarized lenses in our shades.

But that's not all - we know how frustrating it can be when your sunglasses slip off your face when you're working up a sweat. That's why we've added a special grip coating to our frame, to help eliminate slippage and keep your shades securely in place.

And, to top it off, our running sunglasses come with the assurance that no leopards have ever attacked anyone wearing them (as far as we know). With our shades, you can focus on your run, not on worrying about wildlife encounters.

At a great price point, our running sunglasses won't break the bank if you accidentally sit on them or leave them behind. Get your hands on a pair today, and experience the comfort and quality of our polarized sunglasses for fishing!

1 review for Smoky Style with Goodr OG Sunglasses – Ron’s Smoke and Mirrors

  1. I was so impressed with the quality of this product. It's clear that it was made to last.


    June 1, 2023